One of Those Weeks

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One of those weeks – Poppy after her eye scrape and teeth extraction.

One Of Those Weeks 

Well, we haven’t had one of those weeks in a long time.

You know, the kind of week that makes you question your entire life choices, sparks the major fear inside you that you have made a huge mistake and that you are just generally shite at life. One of those weeks.

It’s been a while. And in the absence of one of those weeks, our cockiness got the better of us and we were on a motorhoming high for a while there.

Aaaaaand…….we are back to earth with a bump. Literally.

Fender Bender 

After spending two amazing days at Nuremberg’s Christmas Market, we had a little fender bender situation.

Nothing serious, and we were parked at the time, with the engine running as we were about to head off for Wurzburg. Tapping the coordinates into the SatNav I looks up, just as a car is attempting to do a 3 point turn in one ambitious reversing manoeuvre and promptly reverses right into us.

I seen it happen in slow motion and even had time to honk the horn twice but the guy continued on reversing anyway. And thump.

Out he gets, a young guy, face as white as a sheet. I actually thought he was going to vomit with nerves. Feeling sorry for him, I checked Winnie (who only had a small scuff to the bumper) and assured him it was ok.

His car on the other hand left with a well deserved crack on his bumper. A reminder to him to check his mirrors next time.

No Gas

The night before, we ran out of gas. Meaning that, after spending the full day out in the snow at the Christkindlesmarkt, we got home to no heating. In -4 weather.

Less than two weeks before, we had felt super organised making sure we had two full gas bottles before leaving France. And thinking that would last us until we got to the truffle farm. How wrong were we? And of course, it has to happen at night.

We’ve now realised that the problem is our heater. Even when it is turned off to 0, it’s actually still burning. Not enough to give off a heat or any indication that it’s actually on, oh no, of course not. But just enough to be continually burning away all our gas.

Lesson learned.

So, on fender bender day, we set off early morning to get some gas. €77 later, we are now the proud owners of a German gas bottle.

Did I mention that our French bottles are obsolete in any other country other than France? Just as our €77 German one will be when we leave Germany. Fuck!!

That Bloody Petrol Cap

On the same day, Monday, we also lost our petrol cap. Of course we did.

Stopped in at the petrol station to fill up on diesel and decided, because we didn’t have enough things going wrong, that today would be the perfect day to also drive off without replacing the petrol cap. Which now of course we need to try and source to replace. That’ll be easy in a foreign country. For a 27 year-old Talbot van. FML.

Winky Eye

Then low and behold, today we wakes up and Poppy has the winky eye happening. Just perfect.

Now for anyone who isn’t familiar with Pugs; the breed and their VAST health issues, or if you have a pug and haven’t yet experienced this then this is my tip to you.

If your pug all of a sudden has a winky eye, prepare to sell your soul in order to pay for treatment. Winky eye = eye ulcer = money, money, money. And a lot of stress and worry.

This is the second time Poppy has had an eye ulcer (same eye) and most of you might remember my reaction the first time. I’d never experienced winky eye before and so I genuinely thought my poor dog was taking some sort of seizure and/or stroke. On the verge of phoning an ambulance for her, I ignored the vets ‘emergency’ appointment they had gave me for two hours later and ran down to the vets with her, and my still-jammied-up wean. One under each arm (I was too harassed to get Poppy’s harness and lead on her – a mistake in hindsight as I was totally fucked by the time I got them both in and out of the car and barged into the waiting area).

Anyway, my point is, with winky eye you NEED to get it seen urgently. These ulcers come on so fast and can literally melt away the eyeball. I’m not even joking.

So as you can imagine, stress levels have been at an all time high today. Like, wedged-in-Portugal-and-rescued-by-a-local-man-and-his-tractor level of stress.

4 vets later (German vets seem to only open 4 days a week – of course Wednesday ISN’T one of them – and between the hours of 3-6pm?!) and we have a confirmed eye ulcer. A big one.

General anaesthetic, an eye scrape (exactly what it sounds like), teeth cleaned (because we might as well when she’s under) and two teeth extracted (did I mention they have terrible dental issues due to their flattened fleshy muzzles? No? Well, there’s another tip for you). One hour later, we are back in the motorhome with a drowsy and sore pug, two different eye drops and a follow-up appointment for tomorrow.

And Everything Else

Also, Angus has decided this week is the perfect week to take up his wallpaper stripping hobby once again. Right down to the wood.

The weans seem to take some kind of mental, animalistic, almost feral reaction after eating their Advent Calendar. Daily. Until the 25th of December. Literally climbing the walls after a piece of chocolate. Thanks for that, Ritter Sport.

And of course, we have the fucking Elf on the Shelf to deal with every night.

Like I said, one of those weeks.

Here’s hoping it’s good news tomorrow and we can get moving on to visiting The Romantic Road.

Good vibes only for the next week please. We don’t want another one like this week.

Cheryl x

3 thoughts on “One of Those Weeks

    1. Thanks John! Ha! Wouldn’t that be fabulous…….you never know, perhaps I’ll be inspired when at the truffle farm x

      1. just keep doing what you’re all doing… that’s where the inspiration is lol… I wish you, Jason and you family a great Christmas and happy new and wish you all the best xx

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