How are you managing to have sex?

How are you managing to have sex?

How are you managing to have sex?

That’s the most frequently asked question we get, since starting our Travel Adventure.

But I think the more obvious question is, how have I not slit Jason’s throat in his sleep yet?

Two reasons :

1. Jason deals with the dumping of our black water. This is a job that I simply refuse to do. You couldn’t pay me enough money to touch that cassette toilet let alone pour it all down a drain that 3.7 million other Motorhomer’s have also used to dispose of their own shite. It’s horrendous. And no matter how spotless the facilities are, the black water dump is like something from a horror film. With flies buzzing everywhere, toilet paper stuck in grates, the occasional floater and of course, the smell. Or so I’ve been told.

And 2. I quite literally can’t open the cutlery drawer when the bed is out, making it impossible to reach the sharp knife. So slitting his throat in his sleep just isn’t going to work.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about it.

Just jokes.

Not really.

I’m serious.



There is nothing quite like travelling full-time around Europe in a 7 foot by 21 foot metal tin to really test your marriage.

But I have to say, that surprisingly we are doing really well. Like, much better than I thought we ever would in this type of living situation. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jason, but is your husband even really your husband if he’s not the most annoying person you’ve ever met??

How do you cope with the lack of space?

That’s another one we always get. And to be honest, it isn’t as bad as you might think.

Sure it takes a bit of getting used to, and most days we are climbing over the top of the dogs or squeezing past each other in the “kitchen” but even at home, a house which I loved and we had extended to give us an extra bedroom, never felt big enough anyway. We are a big family, so no matter the size of space we are living in, we are always under each other’s feet anyway.

And living in a motorhome does have its benefits.

For starters, there’s less to clean. No floors to sweep and mop, no big kitchen to keep tidy, no stairs to hoover and very few windows to clean.

Having less room has also meant we have had to minimise our life and our possessions. This means no random jigsaw pieces or small toys scattered across floors, tucked down couch cushions or stuck between the radiators.

It also means very few monthly bills. Something that I think goes a long way towards how relaxed and free we feel.

And of course, we can go wherever we want, whenever we want. We are currently parked up in a free aire, with free electricity getting a few days rest before heading to Barcelona. And so far this month we have already been to Valencia and Madrid with a couple lovely stops in between. (You can check out our photos here).

But to answer your original questions, the answer is quietly. Very quietly.

And usually with the dogs as an audience.

Not joking.


Twelve weeks in and still loving it,

Cheryl xx

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  1. Hahahaha Hen I don’t think it matters how big your home is or where in the world you are, with kids over 2 your sex life HAS to be done “quietly, very quietly” 😂 Good luck in your travels, happy camping and happy humping 😂

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