Our final week in France and some better luck!

So this week has been far more successful. Thank fuck.

After the whole smashed window nightmare we are feeling much more positive. After trying a few local caravan places, we were finally told (via google translate texting each other on my iPhone to communicate. No joke.) that because of the age of our motorhome, the window was no longer manufactured. A bit of a blow, but as Winnie is 27 years old, hardly surprising.

I rang a place in the uk who manufacture windows to size and spec but they wanted the old window shipped to them first. Obviously that’s not an option as we need the window in its place.

So finally, we managed to find a motorhome breakers in the UK who had the exact window we needed. Just waiting now to see if they are willing to ship it to Spain. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, the resin glue and duct tape is holding strong!

This week, we have also managed to save SO much money. We contacted a fellow nomadic motorhome family (check them out at WorldTowning) who very helpfully recommended an app called Park4night which lists every type of parking spot suitable for Motorhome’s. It’s been a godsend!

At the start of the week, we set off for a free parking spot at Montignac. In true Cheryl and Jason style, we entered Montagnac into the SatNav.

In case you’ve missed that, we were headed for MontIgnac, but ended up in MontAgnac. (Aye that’s right, there really is two towns within an hour of each other with almost identical names). However it turned out to be the best mistake we have made so far.

We ended up at this amazing free parking spot, WITH free electric hookup and in the most beautiful little village ever, called Turenne.

See more of our Turenne pictures here.

The view from the parking spot was amazing and we spent the day exploring this gorgeous little 13th century village. The houses were amazing, the views at every point were out of this world, and the fortress at the top was well worth the steep walk up.

Plus, before now, we didn’t realise you could get free parking with free electricity. We are now obsessed!

The next day we headed to Montignac to go to the Lascaux Caves and see the prehistoric cave drawings. This was an amazing day!

The actual Lascaux cave is now closed to the public to preserve the cave art, but an amazing pin point accurate replica has just been opened in a fantastic super modern visitor centre that sits at the base of the original cave hills. You enter into the ‘cave’ via a black room, your eyes adjusting to the dim light and cooler temperature – the temperature of the actual cave. During the cave visit you have a tour guide, ours was fantastic, and every person receives a digital touch pad (like an iPad) and headphones which activates at each exhibit in the different workshops and galleries.

But the best bit was, even the kids got their own child friendly version touch pads and headphones which not only kept them amused so we could enjoy the tour, but also had a cartoon ‘tour guide’ explaining the cave art and exhibits in simpler terms for them. It had interactive games on it too. Seriously impressed. Even more so because the weans all went for free.

Super fun, educational and an amazing experience for all of us!

More Lascaux pictures here.

Mid week, we stopped in at another Aire (name for motorhome parking) close to Bordeaux and met an amazing couple, Trevor and Lil. They are an early retired couple from Bearsden, Glasgow who for the last 5 years have been avid Motorhomers and (compared to us) know just about everything there is to know. They were beyond helpful, so much so we (I) actually stalked them to our next stop, Ondres Plage, which was right on the beach with amazing views of the Pyrenees mountains.

And thanks to Trevor, we now have RUNNING WATER!! Yip, that’s one major job FINALLY been ticked off the list.

After having a good laugh at all our misfortunes and everything that was wrong with our motorhome, Trevor dug out his toolbox (from a garage in his motorhome which was almost bigger than our actual motorhome) and within minutes had located the pump, identified the problem and sorted it.

Could have actual kissed him.

Instead I went for an awkward pat on the shoulder.

So we are now in Spain, and feel like we are finally finding our feet! We’ll spend a couple of nights in Spain as we travel towards Portugal which is the next stop on our Family World Travel Adventure.

If you’ve been, we’d love to hear your recommendations. What is your ‘must see’ things to do or places to go in Portugal?

Cheryl x

4 thoughts on “Our final week in France and some better luck!

  1. Glad your luck is changing for the better lol. But you’ve got to admit it’s added a wee bit fun (although not at the time) it’s defo adding to your escapades xx

    1. Shona totally, which is my main reason for the blog…..when it’s all over, in years to come we can look back at what we achieved, everything we overcame and relive how much we enjoyed every bit of it x

    1. We’ve had some of the most stressful moments eleanor, but honestly, it’s been amazing! We are having the best time and the weans are absolutely loving it xx

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