Bad Luck is our middle name!

If it wasn’t for bad luck, we’d have no luck.

So today, we got up still on a high from an amazing couple of days at Disneyland Paris.

It was so magical and even more emotional than I ever thought it would be. To see Flora, Elsie & Archie’s wee faces light up at all the rides and characters was one of the best things I have experienced as a mother. We queued up to see Moana (the only princess we did queue for) and they just totally believed it was really her. They were so star struck meeting her. I cried.

If you haven’t been, go! Even if you don’t have kids, it’s still an amazing place to visit. We seen loads of couples and groups of friends there, no weans. And to be honest, on more than one occasion we wished we were them, rather than being stuck in a 55 minute queue with 3 bored weans. (The only downfall of the parks is the length of time you need to queue for, and literally for every single ride, meet and greet, and show).

Two days isn’t enough. No where near. (Those queues again!). I’d say you need a minimum of 4 days.

If you’re motorhoming like us, you can also park overnight in the car park. And if you’re really like us and motorhoming with dogs (which is an absolute nightmare btw) then they have a Pet boarding service – we booked the 2 dogs in for the 2 days, collecting them each night we were finished in the park.

After Disney we made our way to The Loire Valley region and booked into an amazing campsite. Great facilities, entertainment, outdoor and indoor heated pools and a great play area for the weans.

Now, onto our bad luck.

So, at this point we are 3 weeks in and honestly, we’ve been treating this like a holiday. Which is a huge mistake. We’ve spent more in the last 3 weeks than we had intended to spend in 3 months. We are absolutely shite at ‘wild’ camping. And confronted with the option of saving money or comfort, we choose comfort every time. And comfort costs money.

So today we got up, game face on and decided from today there would be no more campsites. No more expensive ‘touristy’ days out. And every day/week/month we would stick to a strict budget. We want to visit every country we can and do this for as long as we can, so we need to get practical.

Off we set, heading to tour The Loire Valley and visit each fairytale style Chateaux along the way.

But first, a quick, and sensible, pit stop into a local supermarket to stock the cupboards and fridge and to top up our petrol.

Every time we fill up the petrol it’s the same rigmarole. I’ve been the sole driver this whole journey so far. Everyone thinks it’s weird that I’m driving and Jason’s not. But I am the worst passenger ever. Plus, I genuinely believe that I’m the best driver I know and so if we were to have an accident or something go wrong, I would always believe I could have handled it better, so there’s no point in anyone else doing the driving. Also, I’ve got the physique for a lorry driver so it makes sense. (And it keeps me off the wine. Moderately).

Anyway, as I’m driving, Jason always fills the diesel. And always has bother with Winifred’s petrol cap. Every time we do the same ‘dance’; he goes out to fill it up, I sit and watch him struggle with it for 5 minutes before he shouts me out to help. (And I save the day!)

So, same thing today. Except today, while we are both out at the petrol cap, Archie decides to get out his seat, go up the back of the motorhome and open the back window. Wide open.

Of course, neither of us noticed.

And off I drive, pulling away from the petrol pump and swiftly catching the gaping window on the side of the petrol pumps and shattering it onto a million pieces. A million – not an exaggeration.

Honest to fuck, we have no luck whatsoever.

One hour of painstaking jigsaw work, resin glue and duct tape later, we have an almost complete window. (We didn’t find all the pieces so there are some holes).

*I dare any one of you to do a better job while trapped in a motorhome with 3 whinging weans and two dogs.

So here we are, detoured on our journey to get to a motorhome repair garage (and of course it’s closed today. FML), a window held together with tape, gravity & hope (please don’t rain!) and budget blown to fuck on day one of the ‘new us’.

On top of that, the weans fell asleep on the drive here, which means no bedtime any time soon. Just what we need.

And on top of ALL of that, we still can’t work out the water (we think the pump is broken – although we can’t be certain as we still haven’t found it, a job for another day), I’ve snapped off the driver’s side window roller up and down thingy so now have a permanently closed window, and we are pretty sure Winnie either doesn’t have a fan to cool the engine or, most likely, that it doesn’t actually work (did I mention we got stuck in traffic on a motorway, the engine overheated and we broke down. On the middle of the carriageway. At rush hour.  Nope? Well aye, that actually happened).

All I can say is thank the grape gods for wine and tomorrow is another day.

Cheryl x

8 thoughts on “Bad Luck is our middle name!

  1. Cheryl what an adventure you r having broken window or not you will look back and get a good laugh We have always travelled but have a caravan type thing although it’s called a trailer here. We took three grandchildren 2 3 and 4 yr olds to Disneyland and got three flat tires all at different times on the way to California it was a frikin nightmare !!!!!!

    1. Honestly jean, we couldn’t make it up! 😂😂 I said that to Jason today, let’s take a picture coz at some point we will look back and laugh and it’ll all have just been part of an adventure! Xx

  2. Cheryl you need to write a book doll .. it will be a best seller. All your pictures are brilliant and you all look so happy.. Safe travels. xxx

  3. Chery, when your adventure is finally over you have to write a book! Am sure it will be a best seller lol. Keep the posts coming. Loving reading them! On a more serious note I hope your luck improves xx

  4. Oh my daze!!!!! But yous are still going !!!!!

    hahahaha seriously get a budget ….
    Yous still need to get over to oz…..
    Loving all the he updates !!
    Stay safe my beautiful friends !! Loves yeez all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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