About Us

Hi and welcome to our blog! 

I’m Cheryl, a wine-loving mum of three. My husband Jason is the more introverted of us both. Infact you could say we are complete opposites, but they do say opposites attract and I think we compliment each other pretty well. Until recently we lived a pretty normal, sometimes boring, life. Then, we decided to sell up and go travelling the world!

Sounds exciting, adventurous, romantic even….right? Yeah, except we are doing it with our 3 kids. Who are all under 5. And our 2 dogs. Oh, and in a 27 year old motorhome. Yip. 

I don’t think anyone would describe us as your ‘tyipical’ nomadic travellers. I’ve always believed that there were two types of people who did this sort of thing. You know, the travel full-time thing. Either the very wealthy; the type of wealthy where you own family land, have sold a company you created or have inherited a trust fund. Or second; the hippy, care-free, free-spirited type of people who live off nothing but sheer joy and their love for all things frugal-living and nature. They’re usually vegan too. (Something I would actually love to be, but I just can’t eliminate steak, cheese and bacon from my life.) 

My point is, we are neither of these types. Infact, we’re really rather ordinary. 

And hugely unprepared. 

But life is short, you never know what’s around the corner, life is for living, and all that jazz. Seriously though, we genuinely believed there had to be more to life than work, eat, sleep, repeat.

So, in true Falconer style we’ve jumped right in, sold our house, sold or gave away all of our possessions, quit work and bought ourselves a motorhome. We have no experience whatsoever with travel, travelling with kids or with owning, driving or living in a motorhome. Like I said, hugely unprepared. 

What could possibly go wrong, eh?! 

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy following our journey and, despite the numerous mishaps and setbacks we keep having, that some of you may even be able to draw some inspiration from our adventure and begin your own. If we can do this, ANYONE can! 

First stop, Europe! 

Cheryl & Jason xx


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