So, we’ve arrived in Germany!

Germany : at the Triberg Waterfalls

This week we finally feel like proper travellers. Not only are we well and truly into the swing of Motorhome travelling and living (yes we did just successfully anticipate our gas running out, and bought not one, but two canisters while we were still in France. And check us out already having an empty French bottle to swap for a new one. Oh aye, and we DO have a French regulator *thanks Trevor* so connecting it all up was a breeze), but we are also now into the part in our Travel Adventure where we are visiting countries we have never been to before.

Plus, after these last two insane weeks where we’ve been featured in newspapers, on the radio, in numerous online articles and potentially in a magazine, we are feeling pretty confident now in our ability to actually do this. I mean, if all these hundreds of people watching our journey think we are doing ok, then we must be. Right?

Anyway, we are super excited to be in Germany.

The fact is, and I feel stupid even saying it now, but Germany isn’t somewhere I would ever have considered visiting or going on holiday. I had it in my head that Germany would be this grey, militant, regimented place where everyone would be super unfriendly (you know the way people go on about Germans and their towels on holiday).

But so far, it’s been the total opposite.

Everywhere is green. So green. The houses are beyond beautiful, like something out of Hansel and Gretal. The people are so friendly – as in a fellow Motorhomer (German) chapped on our door and handed us an inverter with a European plug end. (If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically how we are able to charge our laptops, use our tv and charge our phones, using the power from our leisure batteries when we aren’t plugged in to mains electricity). SUPER helpful. And of course we were mortified because we couldn’t speak the language, he didn’t speak English so we felt we couldn’t express how completely grateful we were about it. Honestly, so so nice.

Anyway, we have just spent THE most idyllic day in Triberg yesterday. A gorgeous small town, set within the Black Forest, with amazing shops selling hand carved cuckoo clocks, rocking horses and everything else you could possibly imagine, all made out of wood.

We spent hours walking the trails of the Triberg Waterfalls, feeding the wild birds and squirrels which literally ate right out of your hand. The falls were amazing. And even although it rained almost all day, it was still perfect.

We then visited this amazing little cafe, Cafe Schäfer, where they still make the original recipe Black Forest cake, handed down from the man who originally created it.

Eating Black Forest cake, in the Black Forest. Literally amazing.

The only downfall I would say is that the cafe was dead silent. Like, couples all in having a romantic “original Black Forest cake” and coffee kind of silent. Dead. Silence.

And then in strolls us. All five of us.

We felt a little out of place and a bit self-conscious but fuck it, we sat there and enjoyed our cakes and sipped our coffee. And despite our best efforts to quiet our weans, they felt it necessary to loudly, and repeatedly, exclaim their love for the cakes, while everyone else looked on in horror.

They should take it as a compliment.

We later witnessed a lady losing her son in a shop. Like seriously, a wee boy of about five, just disappeared from a shop. In all fairness, the shop setup was an abductor’s dream; split level with double width automatic doors on both levels. Anyway, while me and Jason were choked with nerves and not sure what we should be doing to help, the Mum strolled in and out of the shop calling “Felix” as the shop assistant stood casually bent over the counter. Not a care in the world. No urgency. Even after 15 minutes the Mum was still relatively calm (by my estimations anyway, I once lost Archie from the back garden – he sneaked out the back gate – for less than 3 minutes and in that time I had sprinted around half of Newmains, screamed my lungs out, had full tears and snotter tripping down my face, and was on the phone to 999 giving them a full description of my abducted child – I had just the night before watched ‘Who killed Lindberg’s baby’ so I may have been a bit over dramatic). She was running at this point right enough and still calling ‘Felix’.

Another 10 minutes later, with his mum now nowhere to be seen, the bold Felix jumps out from a rail of coats after playing, what I can only describe as, the most epic game of hide and seek ever witnessed. Not a fucking peep did that wean make in almost 30 full minutes.

Felix : Olympic level Hide and Seeker.

All in all though, a fabulous day. And even the rain didn’t dampen our spirits, in fact, it had the complete opposite effect.

Despite the huge downpour, not a single droplet made it through old Winnie’s tough exterior.

We are actually watertight! RESULT! (Silver linings and all that).

We can’t wait to see what else Germany has to offer!

Speak soon,


PS, you can check out our pictures from our amazing day in Triberg here.

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