Our 4 week Travelversary

Our 4 week travelversary!

So today marks our 4 week travelversary. Go us!!

4 weeks already and I can’t quite believe the amount of things we have done and seen in this short time. It’s flew in!

I genuinely thought that after the first 2 weeks, you know the first 2 weeks of any time off (annual leave, maternity, going away on holiday) when you are on ‘holiday mode’, we would start to get a bit homesick and long for home.

But so far we haven’t and so far we aren’t.

The biggest worry when you are about to embark on a travel journey like ours is, of course, the weans. How will this affect them? Will they be ok? Will they adjust? Will they enjoy it? Are we being selfish?

And these are all just fears that we had ourselves and struggled with before we left.

Our oldest, Flora, was due to start school last month so it was a big decision to remove her from the school list and decide to homeschool her. (Which was all done above board and all necessary authorities were informed).

And as if that isn’t bad enough, you have everyone else to contend with. The nae-sayers. We all know them. And we all know how they just love to push their own fears and opinions onto you. Even if you haven’t asked for them.

I’ve been called a bad mother. Selfish. Evil. Mentally ill. Told I was turning my kids into ‘spastics’. Threatened with the police, social work and education board and been wished that I had never been born.

And that was all just from my own mother (a term I use loosely but one we will use for the purpose of the blog).

But here’s the thing, my kids are having the time of their lives. And so are we.

Is it difficult? Of course. Is it stressful? Fuck aye! But I had 3 weans all under the age of 3, so I’m stressed in general, in the house, up at Asda, on the walk to nursery…… and have been stressed (and fucking tired, SO tired) for 5 years so location is irrelevant when it comes to being ‘mother stressed’ in my opinion.

And actually, if I’m being honest, I’m less stressed travelling as a mum of 3 than I was at home. We are together, out and experiencing new things as a family every day. We have very little bills to pay. Jason isn’t working every day so gets to now spend all his time with us. And we have escaped the horrors of said ‘mother’.

Just two days ago I asked the weans what they missed most about home. I was expecting their answers to be their home, their room, their friends, maybe even nursery or all the toys they had in and outside the house. Floras answer was her My Little Pony teddy. Naturally Elsie copied that answer although I’m more than certain she doesn’t give a shit about hers. Archie babbled something about Paw Patrol (we later made his day by whipping out the Paw Patrol DVD we had packed with us).

But my point is, our weans are happy, genuinely happy, when we are all together. Nothing else matters. Home really is wherever we are together.

In just four weeks we have been in 4 countries (if you include Scotland and England – which Jason doesn’t), we have overcome illness (poor Jason), had setbacks with the motorhome (which seem never ending, BUT we are getting better at fixing them and as they weeks go on the ‘To Do’ list is getting shorter and shorter). We have come such a long way since Our First Week As Motorhomers

We have met some amazing people, been to some really stunning places, visited loads of iconic landmarks, ate our body weight in delicious French bread (we aren’t enjoying Spanish bread as much but the 3G is much better, incase you were interested), drank so much wine, spent days by the pool, spent days by the beach, visited the most beautiful little towns and villages, each one completely different to the other and trekked the Picos mountains all the way to the top (in Winnie, not on actual foot. We aren’t at that level of outdoorsy quite yet).

And so much more and more and more!

We are starting to get better with our money too, which is a huge relief! The longer we can make it last the longer we can do what we love. I’ve become quite the cold shower lover (we now have running water, but no idea how to heat it. It’s on the list). Jason and the weans however are NOT cold shower lovers. If we find a hot shower, we shower together. All 5 of us.

We are now a family of commandos, as underwear needs washed far too frequently. It had to go. Socks are next on my hit list. And why did I bring bows? BOWS? Seriously, my weans now run about like wildlings while 24 JoJo bows lie crammed into the underside of our shelves.

I haven’t worn a bra in 4 weeks, instead opting for a far more comfortable, if a little saggier, bralet. Or, if you’re on the larger side of life like myself (i.e built like a walrus), as I like to call them, a braLOT.

4 weeks in and still going. 4 weeks in and still loving it. 4 of the best weeks ever.

So happy 4 week travelversary to us!

Cheryl xx


10 thoughts on “Our 4 week Travelversary

  1. Sounds fantastic you guys r having a blast and so r your gorgeous weans love life while they r young cos the time just flies by xxxx

  2. Happy travelversary! To hell with anyone who has anything negative to say! You’re giving your kids a money can’t buy experience! P.s. I know how it feels to have a mother like that – mines may have never said it out loud but she sure as shit has made me feel it! At least your kids are left in no doubt how much how much they’re loved xxx

    1. Exactly joanne! Having the best times and filling our days with happy experiences and memories which will last a lifetime xx

  3. Wow … what an experience …. you are fantastic parents …. negativity is toxic …. surround yourselves with cheerleaders …. vampires just suck the life out you with their constant put downs and negativity… your kids are getting a better education out on the road …. school is overrated …. Love hearing about all your antics !!!

    Eleanor xxx

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